The History of BusComm Incorporated

In March of 1972, Robert Moldthan started BusComm Incorporated as a Sony Corporation Business Products dealer. BusComm was created as an independent company providing sales and service for Sony's line of analog (standard cassette-based) dictation equipment.

During our first ten years in business, BusComm provided dictation/recording solutions to Healthcare, Public Safety, Federal, State and Local Courts, and General Business.

In the mid-80s, the world of technology evolved with the advent of PCs and client/server computer systems. BusComm also evolved with the changes in the world of technology, motivated by the changing needs of our clients. Our byline became "Innovators in Business Communications" as we entered the world of digital communications.

Today, we offer our clients leading-edge solutions such as Digital Dictation, Healthcare Transcription, Speech Recognition, Computer-Assisted Coding, Digital Imaging, Digital Voice Logging, Speech Analytics, Digital Court Recording, and more. BusComm serves the following markets: Healthcare, Public Safety, Financial, Insurance, Call Center, Legal, and General Business.

Most of our clients consider our solutions mission-critical to their organizations. At BusComm, mission-critical solutions means mission-critical support. BusComm has historically differentiated itself from its competitors through delivering outstanding service and support. As surveyed, our clients consistently rate our Operations/Support Staff performance as "exceeds expectations".

Please explore our website to learn more about what we can do for you and your organization, or call us for additional details.


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