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Computer-Assisted Coding is defined as software that suggests codes to human coders to validate the results before processing the codes to billing. The process increases productivity while sponsoring better revenue capture through additional code capture. Fusion CAC accomplishes this and much more. Fusion CAC can increase productivity, decrease variability, identify problem documentation for a quick return on investment.

Experience a Proven ROI

Our customers are not just surviving ICD-10, they are thriving. Increased productivity, decreased dependency on outsourcing and the benefit of quick process analytics are the differentiators with Fusion CAC.

More Than Coding Productivity

For years, Fusion CAC has been a tool for increasing coder productivity. Today, it now provides many more innovative features. Fusion CAC is a workflow manager that can provide you the missing tool to expertly manage when and who receives accounts for coding. Fusion CAC is a clinical documentation improvement application that empowers your case managers and CDI staff with a concurrent DRG, estimated reimbursement and helps to identify problem documentation while the patient is still in-house. Fusion CAC is an automation instrument that can provide automated coding of simpler outpatient reports to free-up time in coding for more complex charts. Fusion CAC is an audit tool to provide an easy-to-use replay of the ‘how and why’ a patient chart was coded for both internal coding audits and Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) response development.

The implementation of a Computer-Assisted Coding solution has the potential to dramatically improve the coding workflow. It provides a more standardized and streamlined process enabling coders to complete work in less time with more accuracy in addition to:

• Coder Productivity
• Encoder Agnostic
• Increase in CMI
• Decrease AR Days
• Streamline Workflow
• Integrated Work Queues
• CDI Features
• Automatic Running DRG’s
• Notifications of Late Arriving Documents
• Audit Tools
• Coding Automation
• Query Functionality
• Interactive Edits


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