Fusion Dictation Safe®

Dictation is a critical component in the process of documenting patient care. When physicians can’t dictate, information stops. Dictation Safe can be your back-up plan. If your dictation system becomes unavailable for any reason, put Dictation Safe on-line and keep everyone working.

Not Just for Floods and Fire
Floods and fires, along with other natural disasters, have certainly played a part in many system interruptions. However, most dictation system outages are caused by far less newsworthy events. Power outages, phone system troubles, computer viruses and network failures are the most common reasons why our customers rely on the off-site back-up provided by a Dictation Safe plan.

It’s Easy and Affordable
With a Dictation Safe plan, we provide you with a toll-free telephone number into one of our secure dictation data centers. We will emulate your current dictation system functions to make Dictation Safe easy to use without needing to train physicians. In the event that your own dictation system becomes unavailable, simply activate your Dictation Safe plan by phone call or online.

A low annual fee provides you with your own off-site, dictation back-up plan. There is no equipment or software to purchase. Sign up today and be protected tomorrow.


John Lockwood
Senior Systems Analyst

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