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HauteVIEW 100

The HauteVIEW 100 dockable body worn camera is designed to work with either the HauteVIEW 100 Docking System (economy systems for small installs), or with Evidence Case Manager ™ (ECM) for larger installs.

8 Port Dock Module

Each HauteVIEW 8 Port Dock Module comes with Dock Management Software (DMS), which provides reliable transfer and storage of your valuable evidence, stores video, audio, and data files locally on your own computer or an a HauteVIEW Dock Server, provides high speed transfer for minimum wait times (while rapidly charging batteries), and is simple and easy to use.

HauteSpot Evidence Case Manager

Designed for larger deployments, the ECM is a comprehensive solution for capturing, processing, monitoring, transferring, storing and searching data from a variety of sources. Whether you store your video location on HauteVIEW Dock Servers, use your pre-existing Network Attached Storage, use dedicated local long-term storage, or store to the Cloud, ECM provides complete storage, search, and retrieval management. Users do not need to be aware of where files are stored. ECM mounts, recalls, indexes and completely manages your storage infrastructure.

ECM is designed around full chain of custody management. When used with HauteVIEW cameras, ECM digitally watermarks every file at the source, whether video, audio, still image, or data; making tampering fully evident. Permission based access control allows agencies to define who can access files, what rights they have to manage files, and fully protects sensitive data from unauthorized access.

ECM also allows you to integrate to other systems, extracting video and data from third party source systems to combine with your HauteVIEW video and data. ECM clients can then search across all video and data sources and evidence files can be created by combining data from many different systems.


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