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Salient Systems is a leading provider of enterprise video surveillance solutions and offers the industry’s most straightforward, cost effective approach for migrating from analog to digital IP video technologies. With an intuitive interface, CompleteView VMS and the PowerProtect NVR platform maximize the efficiency of your video surveillance installation.

• Each CompleteView edition includes all clients; Video, Alarm, Mapping, SpotLight and Web.
• Seamless IP and analog camera support gives customers the freedom to choose the best technology
   to meet their needs
• CompleteView licensing is one time, per-camera with NO server or client fees; you can move, add
   and delete cameras without penalty.
• CompleteView is fully upgradable from ONE to Pro to Enterprise so you get exactly what you want,
   when you want it.
• Known for its ease of use, CompleteView provides a consistent user experience so there's no need
   to retrain when you upgrade; the user interface is the same throughout the editions.

Simple, Scalable Security – for Today and Tomorrow.
CompleteView is built on the foundation of open architecture and provides the tools for unlimited scalability and flexibility to manage large and small security needs. With industry leading security technology, and the simplest path to move from analog to digital video, CompleteView VMS gives you the power to control your security installations, today and tomorrow.

Monitor, Maintain and Upgrade – from anywhere.
Monitor the status of any and all servers, add or remove users, change the configurations of servers and clients, and push software updates out to servers and clients from a single desktop application. CompleteView offers a simple and easy to use way to organize complex deployments and gives you complete control of view layouts and interactive maps for your enterprise installation.

Integrate, Innovate, Imagine.
Our software is designed for flexibility. Integration with all industry leading access control and camera manufacturers is standard. We don’t charge an extra fee for these integrations. We think you deserve a little break every now and then. Now, imagine you want to upgrade and update your existing analog system to newer digital video technology. If you already have CompleteView, there is no license fee to make this change. Simply check a box and your license changes from analog to digital. If you don’t have CompleteView, migration is still easy. Keep your analog cameras, purchase a one-time license for each camera and when you are ready, change out your cameras to digital and check that box to make the change. No extra fees, no messy change orders, no penalties. Imagine that!


Scott Cason
Systems Consultant

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