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Red Box Recorders has experience of delivering voice and data recording solutions that benefit business and organizations for a variety of different reasons. The most common needs are outlined below but don’t worry if your organization has different requirements. Contact us to find out how we can deliver a solution tailored to you.

Compliance Recording:

Requirements placed on organizations to provide evidence for internal investigation, compliance and dispute resolution are ever-increasing in the face of mounting regulation and growing need for liability protection. Discover how, by recording voice and data communications, Red Box helps teams create a visual timeline of events by enabling recordings captured across multiple channels and sources to be quickly and accurately pieced together.

Incident Reconstruction and Auditing:

Workforce Optimization enhances the performance and engagement of your labor force. Discover how, by recording employee communications for assessment, you can not only identify training and coaching needs but improve quality and performance throughout your organization. Reduced call handling time and customer attrition as well as improved rates of first call resolution are just three achievable benefits.

Workforce Optimization:

If your organization has a legal, industry-wide or internally enforced requirement to capture voice communications, Red Box’s solution is designed to help you achieve compliance. Learn more about how our comprehensive, secure and resilient software and hardware can capture all communications across your organization, retain recordings for as long as you need them, and provide the level of resilience you needed for business continuity.

Capture and Replay:

The ability to quickly capture and replay incoming, outgoing and internal voice communications is a key benefit to organizations that require swift access to information. Discover how Red Box helps companies and organizations of all types to record mixed telephony and radio channels, and quickly search for and retrieve recordings for fact verification, compliance and dispute resolution.


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