Stancil Logging Recorder

The Stancil Logging Recorder (SLR) is based on industry standard hardware and is installed worldwide in some of the largest companies. The SLR provides solutions with the highest levels of interoperability with the major suppliers of Voice over IP (VoIP), Radio over IP (RoIP), Motorola validated P25 Trunked Radio Solutions, as well as the traditional circuitry (analog, digital handsets, E1 and T1) systems. Working closely with other manufacturers at ICE events, the SLR meets all current NG911 standards. This process is continually evolving and Stancil Corporation is committed to ensuring the SLR meets future regulations.

The SLR Digital Voice Recorder has many options for the Public Safety Market. These options were specifically designed for the market of reconstruction of incidents from multiple audio sources. The SLR supports concurrent client software licensing. This provides greater flexibility to the end user. The Client options are outlined below:

• Repeat- A single click to replay selected telephone, radio, or unselected audio channels.
  This will be used by dispatchers to replay their last communication instantly.

• Player- A single and multi channel player, enabling quick and accurate reproduction of an incident.

• Status- Provides a single screen view of the channels, storage devices, and current events.

• Admin- A client to configure the channels, users, groups, and custom tagging information.

• ROAR- Record On A Request client. This will be primarily used by detectives when conducting
  telephone interviews.

• Reports- A reports package providing statistics on recorder usage.

• Web Player- A simple to use web player.

• Quality Assurance- The ability to provide user scoring.

• Screen Recording- Recording Dispatcher / Agent Screens.

• Map Player- Recordings are displayed in a GeoLocation manner.

The Server options are outlined below:

• Network Attached Storage (NAS)- Long term backup on customer supplied storage devices.

• Customize D-Channel information from digital handsets- Provides unique customization to obtain
  the most information from digital handsets.

• Console (Switch) Integration- Obtain information from E911 NENA specification output, including
  supplied longitude and latitude information.

• Trunked Radio Integration- Detrunking Talk Group and Radio Identification from Trunked Radio

• IRIG-B- Time synchronization to an IRIG -B time source


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