PlateSmart Technologies software can turn any conventional surveillance camera in a Vehicle Recognition Identification camera. PlateSmart is not just an ordinary license plate reader. We provide the most powerful, flexible, and affordable vehicle recognition video analytics solutions for your organization. Whether your needs are security, business intelligence, or both, our award-winning technology gives you the proactive real-time information you need thanks to our unique Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As vehicles pass through the field of view of the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera, a picture is taken of license plate and the vehicle. A series of algorithms are performed on the image to isolate the plate and render the alphanumeric characters into an electronically readable format. The sophistication and complexity of each of these algorithms determines the accuracy of the system. ALPR systems can be deployed in a variety of ways, including mobile ALPR systems, fixed ALPR systems, and portable ALPR systems.

PlateSmart ARES Premium.

An enterprise grade ALPR analytics solution. Captures vehicle information such as plate, state, and vehicle make and stores to a database; checks against designated hotlists for alerts, then provides advanced analytics for vehicle movement tracking, predictive intelligence, and more. Per-site install includes five licenses for ARES Viewer, and easy-to-use standalone tool for real-time and historical viewing of vehicle and alert information. Other Premium features include unlimited user accounts, customer accounts, and analytical policies, as well as real-time alert notification to users vie email/text messaging, web-based search and report from any device, and configurable data retention policy.
PlateSmart ARES Insights.

ARES Insights is an Advanced BI Vehicle Recognition Analytics Solution delivering rich, meaningful information on key performance measures to drive excellence in security, marketing, operations, loss prevention, vehicle information analysis, and customer experience. Easy-to-read dashboard visualization and analytics enables reporting on key metrics for your business and creates actionable business intelligence from multiple data points. ARES Insights capabilities allow users to mitigate loss, improve profitability, optimize performance, and increase conversion rates all while enhancing the customer experience.

City Surveillance & Smart Cities

• Forensic Trends
• Violation Detection and Vehicle Behavior
• Alert Mapping for Targeted Enforcement
• Locate Criminals with Partial/Full Plate Searches
• Tracking Vehicles Across Multiple Locations


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