Verint 15.2 Public Safety

Today’s emergency services organizations are challenged to serve the public against a backdrop of complex events, increasing expectations, and evolving technology. With citizens using an expanding variety of channels and devices to communicate, organizations need robust reliable solutions for recording, retrieving, and archiving interactions. They must also reconstruct incidents to analyze actions and outcomes, improve performance, expedite investigations, and comply with evolving standards, such as NG-911 and i3.

Verint Recording for Public Safety™ is a powerful solution for capturing voice, radio, video, and text interactions across multiple channels, including PBX, VoIP, chat, digital collaboration, email, mobile voice, SMS, and face-to-face – all on a single recorder. Designed for emergency response, public safety, and control room operations, the solution offers superior reliability and availability in mission-critical environments, along with unified, easy-to-use functionality that can help your agency, department, or organization enhance performance and respond more efficiently to citizen needs

Benefit from a Robust, Scalable Solution – Verint Recording for Public Safety provides recording redundancy and supports clustered and N+N recording. It can scale to hundreds of terabytes and offers reliable, secure storage and archiving options via the cloud and leading storage area network/network attached storage (SAN/NAS) devices.

As part of the unified Verint Workforce Optimization™ suite, Verint Recording for Public Safety can work seamlessly with other solutions within the suite to deliver unique business process workflows, including:

• Verint Insight Center™ - provides multichannel/multimedia search and replay, as well as incident management with media lockdown options. It enables recorded calls to be displayed on timelines, maps, and tables and provides incident annotation, redaction, and export options for single and multiple calls. This can be helpful for expediting the reconstruction of complex events, especially those involving information captured across multiple media.
• Verint Install Recall™ - Allows users to quickly search and replay recorded as well as live calls on preconfigured extensions. You can perform various playback operations, including rewinding to the beginning, on live calls – a benefit for quickly confirming details and reviewing conversation that are difficult to understand.
• Verint Quality Management™ - Enables all of the attributes of an interaction, including voice conversation and associated screen data, text-based interactions (such as SMS), and video to be evaluated right from a single screen. You can easily review interactions and activities conducted on or off phones and radio networks, without the need to toggle between multiple screens to complete evaluations.
• Verint Speech Analytics™ - Automatically surfaces valuable intelligence from thousands – even millions – of recorded calls, so you can take action quickly. Right out of the box, it can provide sophisticated analytics to automatically identify, group, and organize the words and phrases spoken during calls into themes, helping to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.


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