Fusion Narrate®

Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™ leverages superior cloud-based speech recognition using recurrent neural network technology, providing exceptional accuracy and helping providers to hit the ground running with no initial training phase. Using a USB or wireless microphone, providers can dictate directly into any application and benefit from many of Dolbey’s already available flexible features, including CAPD, to assist in documentation workflow.

A simple, quick web-based install with numerous workflow enhancements coupled with the same service and stability Dolbey has always provided delivers the efficiency and productivity your healthcare organization demands.

• Recurrent neural network technology
• Wireless microphone for iOS and Android
• CAPD with Fusion DocCheck™ NLP Engine
• No on-site servers, simple web-based install
• Direct speech input with any application
• Vision-based voice commands

Some additional features of Fusion Narrate® include:

• Web-based user administration
• Application virtualization support (Citrix)
• Numerous medical specialty speech topics
• Automatic software updates
• Easy to configure voice commands for automation
• Streamlined user interface
• Speech optimization and learning services
• Customizable vocabulary and substitutions
• Advanced select and navigation (‘No Connector’ requirements)
• Compatibility and configurable buttons with SpeechMike, PowerMic, Olympus microphones
• Web-based usage reports
• On-screen tablet controls
• Dictation mode with back-end speech and Fusion Narrate Text™ transcription integration

Fusion Narrate® CAPD

Document your patient’s story right the first time.

Transform your documentation workflow by delivering real-time information relevant to the patient’s encounter during report creation utilizing the Fusion Narrate CAPD module. Integration with Dolbey’s cloud-based speech recognition, the Fusion Narrate CAPD solution ensures patient records equate to actionable information, accelerating coding with fewer retrospective inquiries and improving patient care with an accurate and complete report from the start.

By bringing Dolbey’s natural language processing technology into your workflow, you can streamline documentation with less interruptions and support your providers to deliver the best patient care possible. Experience decreased turnarounds, enhanced clinical decision-making and improved quality of care with the reliability and innovation only Dolbey can provide.


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