HigherGround’s Capture911 is a cost-effective, multi-channel interaction/call recording application built for mission-critical, public safety communications. Capture911 records data from multiple sources and enables rapid retrieval for playback of a single, synchronized incident. Scalable to fit your organization, this innovative NextGen solution is NG911 and P25 compliant.


Built with reliable, high-quality digital recording and intelligent architecture, Capture911 is a customizable solution that meets customers’ needs in any size dispatch center. Backed by BusComm’s quick and professional certified technicians and I’m Alive™ proactive monitoring, customers can deploy Capture911 with confidence.


Capture911 is built with Advanced API and event triggers to prevent the archiving of sensitive data, and it enables adherence to strict security standards. Communications are secured with multi-layer algorithms and data encryption to restrict access and protect confidential information.


Capture911 is a true open architecture with non-proprietary hardware that is fully upgradeable and scalable as your needs grow. With its ability to delivery timely and accurate information for incident reconstruction as well as regulatory compliance, Capture911 saves time and operating costs.

FirstNet® Ready

Capture911 provides flexible integrations and interoperability with NG911 and FirstNet technologies within NENA standards:
• i3 compliance for text, chat, email, geospatial data, etc.
• Video ready
• Mobile ready
• Capture alternate sources of data through HigherGround API or integration with other APIs.
• Virtualization/Cloud hosting ready – many organizations are opting to utilize hosted cloud services to save costs associated with on-premise equipment and maintenance.

The Technology You Need Today

Capture911 records 100% of every call and radio transaction including the associated metadata – time, date, ANI, ALI, radio ID, alias, Talkgroup ID, text, video, GIS data, vehicle telemetry data, TTY/TTD, CAD screens and IDs, incident reports, and more. The system is compliant and secure to meet current and proposed mandates of recording, storing, and transmitting all interactions.

Capture911 provides digital incident reconstruction through virtual chronological recreation with an easy-to-use interface for effective investigative analysis. The application ensures regulatory compliance and improved performance with quality assurance tools (Quality 911). These tools enable performance assessment for effective training of call takers and dispatchers.

• Data integration from many sources
• Retrieves data through customizable search
• All-in-one capability for recording and data capture
• Real-time dashboards for monitoring activities and performance
• Digital signatures to verify the authenticity of recorded interactions and maintenance of recording integrity
• I’m Alive™ - Proactive monitoring and notifications for 24/7 reliability
• Robust security of all transactions and communications through sophisticated encryption
• Virtual incident reconstruction through chronological synchronization of all inputs
• Virtual Incident Archive Drive to provide secured access to recreations for authorized parties
• Redaction so that sensitive data can be masked without compromising base data
• Service reliability through monitoring over 250 alarms and critical application notifications
• Replication is available with several automated storage options for redundant data locations and disaster recovery
• Unlimited playback license


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