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inContact delivers an innovative call recording solution that allows you to record what you need, when you need it. It’s compatible with various system configurations including VoIP, time-division multiplexing (TDM), and blended environments. The result is a scalable solution that will grow and evolve with your organization.

* Priority-based scheduling ensures that high-priority calls are not missed

* Customize call recording schedules based on user-definable variables and priority rankings

* Call Recording helps maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standard (DSS)

* Seamless integration with the most popular systems lets you leverage your existing infrastructure.

Meet KPI Goals with Desktop Recording

inContact Desktop Recording helps you identify the strengths of your agents and identify areas where they may be struggling. Having a better understanding of agent weaknesses allows you to provide additional training where needed, leading to improved agent efficiency. In turn, this means improved average handling time (AHT), increased first-call resolution (FCR), and more satisfied customers

Leverage Advanced Chat and Email Recordings

inContact Desktop Analytics utilizes an advanced application programming interface (API) to allow third-party chat or email applications to send recording triggers to Desktop Recording, enabling it to record the duration of the chat or email session. These applications can also amend the inContact recording with additional information, such as customer ID or the customer-facing webpage that initiated the chat.

Ensure Quality Interactions Using Desktop Recording

Our desktop recording software seamlessly integrates with inContact Quality Management allowing you to view recordings while performing agent evaluations. Quality Management also allows you to create custom forms for evaluating transactions and aggregate them for use in your contact center’s overall quality initiative.

Augment Your Training Curriculum with Real-World Examples

inContact Desktop Recording lets you find the people who are most efficient at using desktop applications and use the recorded interactions of top performers to coach and train the rest of your staff. You can also use recorded calls to create custom multimedia training material. This gives your trainees real-world examples for learning how to handle difficult callers and scenarios, resulting in consistently higher levels of quality.

Utilize the Flexibility of Timed Schedules

Desktop recording provides you with the flexibility to define periods of time during which agent desktops will be recorded. inContact’s timed schedules provide a quick and easy way to ensure the right data is captured at that right time including chat and emails.


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