FTR Gold

FTR Gold lets you capture and manage the record using the latest digital audio and video technology, wherever you are. From no-fail recording, easy annotation, advanced warehousing, security and access, you’ll have everything you need to transform your courtroom operations.

Hear (and see) the record with clarity
When you are making decisions that impact someone’s livelihood or freedom, you have to be certain. FTR Gold helps you catch every word with its class-leading HD audio and video digital court recording capabilities.

FTR Gold continues to meet the increasing demand for higher quality digital court recordings while delivering FTR’s renowned mission-critical stability.

Keep the record in check
Ensure the record is appropriately managed by implementing practical safeguards your whole operation can use.

Both FTR Gold 5.7 Recording and Annotation suites let you and your users seal digital court recordings on the fly or after the fact and convert or archive files.

Take notes with ease
FTR Gold 5.7 makes annotating simple and takes the guesswork out of recalling and locating critical moments for playback.

Flag important events, create quick notes and insert time stamps for information such as participants/appearances, spellings and key terminology.

Remote Control in High Definition
Monitor and control one or more recording environments from a single PC on your Local Area Network. Start, stop and play back multiple courtrooms—without stepping foot in court.

Additional solutions for every level of digital adoption

Free FTR Player (PC only) for all your users
FTR’s free audio and video player gives full playback control of the record. Adjust individual microphone volumes and speech speed to ensure maximum intelligibility, and increase productivity with foot pedal support and Log Notes integration.

Broad support for modern digital interfaces and hardware
FTR Gold systems are designed to work with leading technologies such as those developed by Biamp, Axis and Digigram.

Locate recordings quickly
Save time tracking down and sending recordings to stakeholders with Warehouse’s unique indexing and linking functionality, especially designed for managing large volumes of FTR data across geographically dispersed locations.


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