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Verint Dispatch Manager (VDM) offers personal safety apps, cloud-based computer aided dispatch, and mobile response tools for campus security, private security, and public safety organizations; enabling reduced response times, full situational awareness, and enhanced communications. Our comprehensive emergency response software and apps make it simple for agencies to locate personnel and people in distress and dispatch the closest available responder to any incident. 

Customers of our emergency response software solutions include campus and private security organizations, federal agencies, and law enforcement, fire and EMS departments. With 80% of internet users worldwide owning smartphones, actionable intelligence is already at our fingertips. 

VDM is an affordable, user-friendly solution for agencies of any size, available either as Software-as-a-Service (secured cloud) or as an on-site installation.

Personal Safety App - Students, Faculty & Staff

Whether you’re entrusted with the safety or security of students, faculty and staff, employees, VIPs or other private citizens, give them a direct lifeline to your control center.

By pinpointing the exact coordinates of a caller in distress, the command center can dispatch the relevant personnel or authorities quickly and accurately, effectively eliminating the “search” of “search and rescue”.  Depending on the needs of the organization or community, the dispatch center can also monitor the whereabouts of its personnel and assets in the field, and create automatic alerts if users enter an area deemed to be dangerous.

Send an immediate distress signal when you’re in danger

Automatically connect with emergency services by swiping the SOS button when you’re in danger.  Your local dispatch center and emergency contacts will be notified and given your location.  The distress signal can be transmitted in silent or regular mode.

Report crimes, hazards, medical emergencies, and more

Let authorities know when, where, and what kind of help is needed.  Add pictures or live video streaming to give security personnel or first responders advance info before they are even on the scene.

See something, say something – anonymously

Alert authorities to potential threats and crime tips without logging in.  Share images, live video streaming and critical data to help make your community safer.

Get notified of safety or security problems near your location

Receive alerts of emerging security or safety situations so you can take action fast!

Mobile Response Apps

Campus Safety & Security Personnel

VDM’s comprehensive mobile response solutions enable reduced response times, full situational awareness and enhanced communications. 

Historically, emergency response organizations and security organizations have grappled with the best way to locate first responders who are off-network (the “last-mile” problem) and dispatch the nearest, best-qualified, available responder to the scene.  During an incident-in-progress, the command center has an effective, two-way communications channel with its responders, and can broadcast critical messages without sacrificing crew integrity.

Respond faster

No matter if you’re on foot, in a vehicle, on a mounted patrol, or in the station, receive notifications of relevant incidents on your smartphone or tablet.  With one click, indicate if you’re available to respond and then receive turn-by-turn directions with real-time traffic information to navigate your fasted route to the incident.

Situational awareness, in your pocket

See the live position of all personnel responding to the incident.  Run queries, share live video, images, and other vital information with your dispatch center and other responders.  Request additional resources.

Maintain your privacy while off-duty while remaining available for emergencies

Your dispatchers/command center sees you an “anonymous” responder when you’re off-duty, but if there is an incident going on nearby, you still receive the alert.  Only once you’ve indicated you’re accepting the assignment will dispatch see your full profile.

Manage incidents from anywhere

Field supervisors can view and manage all active incidents, with complete visibility of personnel location, statuses and assignments.

Sync everyone in your network

Receive critical information about the incident before you arrive on-scene.  Communicate with dispatch, field supervisors, or incident commanders via silent communications, freeing up voice channels for the most critical communications.  Stay connected with the people you protect via group notifications.

Computer Aided Dispatch – Communications Center

VDM’s comprehensive emergency dispatch solutions enable reduced emergency response time, full situational awareness, and enhanced communications. VDM makes it simple for agencies to locate, communicate with, and dispatch the closest available responder to the scene. During an incident-in-progress, VDM provides dispatchers with an effective system for two-way communications between responders and the command center, as well as a means to broadcast critical messages without sacrificing crew integrity.

Gain situational awareness, everywhere

Optional tracking of personnel and resources as well as live video streaming or information sharing from bystanders or personnel on scene, providing dispatch with a complete picture of every situation.

Minimize incident response times

Automatically or manually dispatch the optimal personnel or first responders – based on proximity, availability, and experience – to the scene

Monitor your personnel and resources, anywhere

Monitor the whereabouts of your personnel and resources via an optional tracking function.  An incident management module logs events and responder movements in the CAD.

In times of crisis, locate and alert off-duty personnel

Stay connected to personnel, even when they are off-duty or away from their vehicles, while fully respecting their privacy.  In privacy mode, the server sends incident notifications to “anonymous” responders, whose identities are revealed to dispatch if they accept the call.

Optimize incident management

Automate routine tasks, allowing your response team to focus on what really matters.  The system distills only the relevant information, for the relevant responder, avoiding information overload.


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