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Verint Dispatch Manager

Verint Dispatch Manager (VDM) offers personal safety apps, cloud-based computer aided dispatch, and mobile response tools for campus security, private security, and public safety organizations; enabling reduced response times, full situational awareness, and enhanced communications. Our comprehensive emergency response software and apps make it simple for agencies to locate personnel and people in distress and dispatch the closest available responder to any incident. Customers of our emergency response software solutions include campus and private security organizations, federal agencies, and law enforcement, fire and EMS departments. With 80% of internet users worldwide owning smartphones, actionable intelligence is already at our fingertips. VDM is an affordable, user-friendly solution for agencies of any size, available either as Software-as-a-Service (secured cloud) or as an on-site installation.

Verint Media Recorder

Verint® Media Recorder™ is an advanced, digital multimedia recording, retrieval, and quality assurance solution designed to enhance the performance of emergency response, public safety and control room operations. Media Recorder offers superior reliability in mission-critical environments, along with flexible, easy-to-use functionality that can help agencies, departments and organizations meet the demands of NG9-1-1 by: • Capturing audio, video, text, screen data, telematics, photos and related data, such as telephone   numbers and locations, from a variety of sources. • Live monitoring of PSAP interactions to help ensure adherence to policies and procedures. • Reconstructing incident scenarios to understand the chain of events. • Protecting captured interactions from unauthorized access and tampering. • Evaluating and enhancing call taker, dispatcher, and manager performance at PSAPs. • Documenting and reporting results efficiently.


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