CourtCall is a Remote Appearance Platform providing Judges, Court Staff, attorneys and other participants with efficient, organized and reliable technology services to allow for a simple remote appearance experience.

Established in 1995, CourtCall’s Remote Appearance Platform has facilitated millions of appearances for thousands of Judges, attorneys and other participants throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide and remains the industry standard for remote Court Appearances – creating today’s modern courtroom.

• Remote Appearance. Simplified. CourtCall’s Remote Appearance Platform makes routine, non-evidentiary pre-trial appearances more cost effective, efficient and simple for Judges, Court Staff, attorneys and other participants. The Platform continues to expand with relevant technology services to consistently provide the ideal experience for all participants. Seamless IP and analog camera support gives customers the freedom to choose the best technology to meet their needs

• Interpretation in the Courtroom. Combining years of experience with Remote Court Appearances, plus customized video and multi-lingual audio applications built on industry standards, CourtCall provides remote interpretation with a cloud-based solution.

• Reducing In-Custody Transportation Costs. A significant cost and risk to the courts, law enforcement and the public is the transportation of in-custody defendants and patients for what are often brief proceedings such as arraignments, plea agreements and forensic mental health reviews. The CourtCall video platform increases efficiency and safety while reducing the costs of these proceedings. The advantages are clear regardless of which agency currently bears the costs or provides the transport of the in-custody participants.




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