Solutions for Workforce Management (WFM)

Verint 15.2 WFO

As customer expectations evolve, so must the approach that organizations take to deliver service. With interactions taking place across various communication channels and organizational touchpoints, it no longer makes sense to manage service delivery in functional silos. You need to approach customer service with the ability to manage employees who are apart of the service delivery process, regardless of their department or functional area.

Verint Workforce Optimization™ offers organizations a comprehensive way to capture, evaluate, manage, and analyze omnichannel customer interactions. This solution is a broad set of unified software and services that can enable you to capture interaction and manage the performance of employees across your environment, or in targeted areas of your business including:

• Back-Office Operations
• Branch Operations
• Contact Centers
• Financial Trading Rooms

Verint Workforce Optimization comprises a suite of unified solutions with an intuitive and dynamic user interface and unique business process workflows available right out of the box. Other advantages include simplified system administration and maintenance, intuitive interfaces and navigation, and reduced total cost of ownership. Verint Workforce Optimization offers proven applications for:

• Voice and screen recording
• Quality management
• Workforce management
• Performance management (including coaching and scorecards


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