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Call Centers

With the ever-demanding role of providing service to customers, the demands of providing best-in-class support continues to evolve. To meet this challenge, the call center becomes an essential front for any business. Call quality both inbound and outbound from customer service representatives, along with the ability to effectively manage such groups of employees, are key to the success of this department. BusComm has met the challenge of providing such manageability with our call center voice and screen logging solutions available through our relationships with inContact, Red Box Recorders, Stancil, and Verint.


BusComm Incorporated is a dealer for both FTR Gold digital recording software and Liberty Court Recorder in Missouri and Illinois. Each are designed to replace the analog cassette tape recorders that many counties are currently using to capture the audio of their municipal court hearings. Laserfiche can also be a valuable asset in the courts arena.


BusComm Incorporated is the premier dealer for digital recording software and Liberty Court Recorders in Missouri and Illinois. Create a digital record of City Council meetings with Liberty Meeting Recorder and post the audio on your website. Convert all of your paper documents into completely secure digital records for easy storage and retrieval with Laserfiche. Whether it’s FTR Gold for the Courts, Liberty Recorder for the City Council, or the Laserfiche digital document imaging system, you can count on reliable record keeping, management and retrieval. Increase your efficiency and productivity with this cutting-edge technology. At BusComm Incorporated, we understand the unique needs of government today.


BusComm Incorporated can assist our customers in fulfilling their HIPAA obligations and other federal compliance regulations. Dolbey's Fusion Suite of products offer reliable and fault tolerant digital dictation, transcription, speech recognition and computer assisted coding (CAC). Laserfiche's document imaging and enterprise content management provide even more value to the healthcare industry. Whether you are a small private practice, clinic or large healthcare organization, BusComm clients have had great success with our scalable and reliable systems.

Public Safety

For over three decade, the numerous customers we serve in the law enforcement/public safety sector have relied on our systems to help them protect and serve their communities. BusComm Incorporated is able to offer a variety of solutions for the public safety sector; all of which can be tailored to best suit our customer's needs. Liberty, FTR, Laserfiche, Stancil, HauteSpot and Verint can all serve to enhance the services of this sector.

At BusComm, we provide dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced sales, installation, training and support personnel to ensure our customers’ needs are thoroughly satisfied. We bring an innovative team approach to our customers, taking great pride in staying in tune with the latest technology and applying that knowledge to create a unique solution for your communication and work flow needs.


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