Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Name: Scott Cason

Scott joined BusComm Incorporated in 2018. He will be marketing and managing many of our diverse product lines for both the state of Missouri and the state of Illinois involving the public safety and law enforcement sectors and contact/call centers. Scott has spent much of his career in the public safety field as a past police officer and firefighter.

More recently Scott was the director of Crawford County E-911 and a past president of the Missouri 911 Directors Association. Scott also has extensive history in the sales and sales management field and is looking forward to building new business partnerships throughout Missouri and Illinois.

Regional Sales Manager

Name: Drew Steward

Drew joined BusComm Incorporated in 2020 after spending many years in public safety as a State Trooper in Missouri and then selling into the public safety market for a CAD, RMS and JMS software company. Prior to joining BusComm, Drew worked for a startup selling situational awareness and workstream collaboration software into the corporate enterprise and corporate security teams.

He will be focusing on Verint’s entire product line for Workforce Optimization and Engagement Management among the many other products Verint offers. He will also be assisting our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Scott Cason, with our public safety product lines for recorders and interview room systems.


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