24/7 visibility, inside and out

Getac in-car cameras offer the ultimate in visibility inside and outside the vehicle. So your agency and your force are protected at all times, no matter the lighting conditions. Getac’s in-vehicle computing system and solutions keep your officers connected in real-time and without power disruption.

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5-inch HD Display

The Getac 5-inch HD display isn’t just bigger, it’s better. At 800×480, the resolution of the display is 2.5x the resolution of its nearest competitor. The display pairs with a multi-touch interface complemented by user control buttons designed for simplicity and frequent use. And all of this is accomplished while reducing the overall footprint. While the screen is 33% larger than a 4.3 screen, the display is actually smaller, making it easier for mobile transport.


The Getac Video Solutions VR-X20 DVR captures the highest video quality and ensures connectivity, even in the most extreme conditions. The VR-X20 acts as a powerful real-time gateway. It merges video and data from multiple sources at once and enables multi-tasking, quick response time and trusted in-field intel from the command center. The VR-X20 captures multiple camera sources simultaneously to high-performance, solid-state storage, so you can trust that you have the whole picture, not just one side of the story. As an added bonus, with the VR-X20 you can use your body-worn camera as a microphone to reduce the number of devices you need to carry and manage.

VR-X20 F1

Getac Video Solutions continues to push the limit of In-Car Video with the newest member of the VR-X20 lineup. The new VR-X20 F1 allows to outfit their fleet with a full-fledged, feature-risch, fully capable video solutions with the most competitive prices on the market.
F1 comes with the full HD wide-angle ZeroDark™ cameras and the best-in-class 5-inch touch display, combining F1 with a Getac Body-Worn Camera allows officers to use the BWC as the wireless microphone, reducing the number of devices needed to carry and manage.

ZeroDark™ FHD Camera

Working at night comes with the disadvantage of reduced visibility, especially when it comes to your cameras. The ZeroDark™ FHD Camera solves that problem so you can do your job, even in the darkest conditions. High-tech sensors and low-light recording features capture detail in as little as .04 lux illumination, so you can work with confidence.

ZeroDark™ FHD Dual Lens Camera

Getac’s ZeroDark™ FHD Dual Lens Camera provides superior recording in all conditions with a minimal in-car footprint. The compact camera uses line-by-line technology and combines an ultra-wide, 180° lens with a 70° lens, giving officers unprecedented visibility over single-camera models.

ZeroDark™ FHD Backseat Camera

Ensure your safety using ZeroDark™ infrared capabilities to easily monitor your backseat — and anyone in it. The ZeroDark™ FHD Infrared Backseat Camera addresses the visibility issue of working at night so you can do your job, even in the darkest conditions. With the added infrared capabilities, ZeroDark™ allows you to see what you need to see — even the backseat.

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