Increase efficiencies, reduce turnaround times, and boost patient care by speech-enabling your clinical documentation processes

Healthcare organizations are facing challenges to reduce costs, while improving patient care.  Cost-savings initiatives focus either on increased efficiencies – doing more for the same amount of money – or actual cost reduction programs that deliver the same or better outcomes at less expense.  


BusComm's speech technology solutions can help address this challenge.


Employing all the benefits of speech-driven documentation through the use of easy-to-use digital dictation or fast and accurate speech recognition applications, combined with smart workflows, automation and reporting, set modern healthcare organizations up to tackle the efficiency challenge – no matter how big. While maintaining full patient data security levels, BusComm's speech solutions allow you to accelerate documentation processes, which enables a higher number of patients to be treated, immediately decreases reporting backlogs, reduces administration costs, and improves overall patient care.


With decades of experience in the healthcare market, BusComm’s speech technology is designed to address the ever-growing productivity and complex documentation needs of the healthcare sector.

Speech productivity solutions for healthcare professionals

BusComm’s speech productivity and medical documentation solutions enable physicians to use their voices to quickly and thoroughly document patient encounters and other reports at the point of care. BusComm offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and medical documentation workflow management solutions that help clinicians produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive patient information.


Our solutions include:

 Dictation Management 

 Whether you are documenting work associated with surgical procedures, routine patient visits or diagnoses, dictation is the most efficient means of detailing medical documentation. BusComm's dictation solutions allows clinicians and support staff to dictate and transcribe work anywhere, anytime.

Speech Recognition

 Speech Recognition assists clinicians and other healthcare professionals to deliver information up to 5 times faster and to spend less time typing. In addition, Speech Recognition helps to reduce administrative costs, and it enables physicians to spend more time with patients. 

Mobile Documentation

BusComm’s mobile speech productivity solutions allow clinicians to access patient schedules, review documents, and dictate their work on the move, with all the capabilities of desktop digital dictation. BusComm's mobile solutions are supported on iPhones, iPads, and Windows and Android mobile devices.

Key benefits of our healthcare solutions

Hundreds of clients in the Central United States are using BusComm's digital dictation, speech recognition, and medical document management software to improve their documentation processes. Benefits include:

Faster and more efficient creation of medical documents

Securely dictate, review, and sign medical records at the point of care

Reduce document turnaround time and improve patient care

Manage dictations, view patient schedules, and access patient information, all while using your iPhone or Android smartphone

Reduce costs and improve clinician and support staff productivity

Integrate with and accelerate EHR and HIS usage and functionality

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