Let your voice do the work with AI‑powered speech recognition

Dragon, the world’s best‑selling speech recognition solution, is used by millions of professionals to get work done faster and smarter. Dictate documents, create spreadsheets, search the web, manage email and more using your voice—3x faster than typing and with 99% accuracy. Dragon Speech Recognition integrates directly into workflows to empower your workforce to create high-quality documentation.

Improve documentation productivity, enterprise‑wide

Many corporations, government agencies, and other organizations face significant documentation requirements as part of conducting business. Inefficient or cumbersome processes too often result in missed deadlines, inaccurate documentation, and too much time and money focused on administrative work. Join the thousands of organizations that have deployed Dragon to improve service and documentation and reduce reliance on outside transcription services. Along with the Nuance Management Center (NMC), Dragon can easily be customized and managed enterprise-wide.

Meet our Dragon speech recognition solutions

Dragon Professional

Empower employees to create high‑quality documentation faster and more efficiently, while saving your business time and money with the Dragon Professional AI-powered speech recognition solution. With a next‑generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon achieves up to 99% accuracy and is 3x faster than typing.

Dragon Legal

Dictate detailed, accurate briefs and other documents 3x faster with the AI‑powered speech recognition solution with a legal-specific vocabulary that integrates directly into legal workflows. Empower firms and legal departments to create high‑quality documentation simply by speaking, accelerating billing productivity and saving time and money.

Dragon Law Enforcement

Safely create rapid, detailed incident reports in the field by voice, and dictate hands‑free into the RMS or other applications. Highly customizable and up to 3x faster than typing, Dragon Law Enforcement keeps officers safer, reduces documentation‑related burnout, and gives departments more time to devote to community policing.

On-premise or in the cloud, we have you covered

Dragon Professional, Dragon Legal, and Dragon Law Enforcement are available in on-premise (Individual/Group versions) and cloud (Anywhere versions) solutions.  The locally-installed, on-premise options are installed directly to your computer and there is a limit to the number of devices that the software can be installed on.  On the contrary, the Dragon Professional, Law Enforcement, and Legal Anywhere cloud solutions are accessed through a yearly or multi-year SaaS subscription, and these solutions can be installed on as many devices as you would like.

Improve documentation and reporting for your mobile workforce

Empower field workers, lawyers, social workers, insurance adjusters, public safety officers and other professionals to keep up with documentation demands even when they are away from their desk. Easily integrate Nuance's cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution,  Dragon Anywhere Group, into your mobile documentation workflow, and enable mobile professionals to complete documentation requirements in real-time—by voice—via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Talk to us about streamlining documentation processes within your organization.